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Fence in the balcony of the design, the main consideration of the following four:

1, within the balcony floor laying with the room floor can be consistent with the expansion of the effect of space.

2, balcony railing. Balcony ceiling support a variety of practices. A glass ceiling with a grape ceiling, painted or patterned, decorated with a false roof, and so on. Balcony area is more hours, according to the need to support the ceiling, so as to avoid downward pressure.

3, sealed balcony, the most likely to seepage the window, it is usually in the following window reserves the delay of 2 cm of space is to use cement to die, and then fill out, preferably with a special blowing agent seal.

4, the best choice of windows and windows to do the panel, because compared with the wooden windowsill, stone waterproof, sunscreen, no cracking characteristics.